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November 7, 2012
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Thuggstrid by AvannaK Thuggstrid by AvannaK

I imagine all your faces look something like this: :iconhorrifiedgeeplz::iconthehorrorsplz::iconhorrifiedorangeplz:
And then followed by a: :iconblasphemyplz:
With some screaming: "Avanna stop! Stop it! Why are you doing this?"

Calm yo t*ts fandom. It's all explained here:
The Roman Redress


                The Roman Redress


Nearly a year after the events of How to Train your Dragon, and Berk is barely recognizable.  Humans and dragon live side-by-side, managing, after much trial and error, to find a symbiotic existence.   The interspecies peace is maintained by Hiccup and his personally-trained peers through the Dragon Training Academy.  Astrid and Hiccup have grown closer over time; their teetering relationship slowly drifts from uncertain to comfortable.    Things are well for the Hooligans but not quite smooth.  Already burdened by responsibilities no Viking has faced before, Hiccup’s father is now "gently" pressuring him to take on even more—the Becoming Chief sort of

It's just quick sketch, sloppy color, all done in the hour - but I couldn't help myself. There's something about these two, even just the teasing between them, that's just... :iconunfplz:

But I will say this:
One thing I don't understand about the fandom is how Hiccup--who was confirmed as being interested in Astrid for more then three days is occasionally paired with others (Ruffnut, Camicazi, OC, Heather) and people can accept it so long as it's done well... but Astrid, who has every right to be interested in someone else, what with her interest in Hiccup being new and relatively shallow, is almost never paired with anyone else. I bring up putting her with Fishlegs and people act like I just took a bite out of their beloved pet.

If anything, having Astrid interested in someone other than Hiccup is far more plausible than the other way around. So why do people fight it so? Possibly because it's her interest in him/his interest being returned that is the only thing that keeps them together at the moment.

For me, I think Astrid and Thuggory share the same kind of attraction that Hiccup and Camicazi do. They just have that 'clicking' factor. That computability Hiccstrid lacks--not the sort that lasts forever, but the sort that is just satisfying. Thuggory appeals to Astrid in a way that Hiccup can't, and while Astrid adores Hiccup, and he compliments her in many ways, he'll never be that kind of Viking. The exciting, brutish, headbutting kind that gets Astrid all riled up.

Thuggory gives her an opportunity to play hard-to-get and it's like a guilty pleasure for her. ;)

Astrid and Thuggory Dreamworks and Cressida Cowell
Astrid's older design Tom Owens (I'm so feeling their older designs now)
Poking the fandom beehive in the eye me
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Nicktoons4ever Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I can see Astrid with Thuggory when it's not Hiccup she's with. :aww:
AvannaK Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, yes, she wouldn't be cheating on Hiccup. she's not that kind of person. XD
Nicktoons4ever Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, she's way too nice for that. :3
Azulon24 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
This is beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen Astrid drawn in quite this manner, but she came out marvelously.
Also Thuggory. Thuggory, I want your looks. And your muscles. (AvannaK, how do you do this)
A side note, you've successfully converted me to Fishstrid and Thuggstrid. You have, on several occasions, laid out their attractive qualities through art and fics. You convinced me.
AvannaK Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Drawn out in this manner? Like… flat coloring?
I do like Thug's design though. :XD:  Designing characters is usually hit or miss for me.

Super glad I've made a believer out of you though :)
Azulon24 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
Well, she looks older than in the movie, and she has a playful look that we don't often see. Thuggory too.
PepperJDarcy Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
OMGOSH! SOOOOOOOO CUTE!! I love this... omgosh I MISS your ART!! :omgosh!:
AvannaK Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:love: Well you're back now for good so you don't need to miss it anymore!
PepperJDarcy Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
:eager: ooooh yes! HECK YES!!
Lulu-Boo Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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