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Barricade379 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015
Awesome art:D
You do requests?
MatthieuLacrosse Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
What is your response to the "negative" aspects some people have found in Dragons 2 like: 
Valka not being a well developed enough character, she's excellently nuanced, with her own strengths and flaws that are open to interpretation (as noted above), but her own personal character arc gets overturned in favour of Hiccup's own. Her efforts become nothing more than meaning to talk Hiccup out of his darkest hour. I say that the movie does revolve around her actions, in the sense that none of the characters would be where they are if it weren't for her. Ultimately though, she is a Lady of Peace rather than a Lady of War, she has the soul of a dragon but she is not a leader, when the Alpha Bewilderbeast appears she bows down to it. She fights to free the dragons but could not do what Hiccup did and convince Berk to come to peace with them, without her hiccup may not tried to return to Berk and mend his bond with toothless . She may not be in the spotlight for long , but her role is of paramount importance. 

Others complain that Astird went to the sidelines this film. I can see what their getting at but if you watch the series (and you should ) like me you'll see that while the series is about Hiccup and toothless' relationship to the rest of their ever growing world and people around them, the movies are about Hiccup and toothless' relationship to the Haddock family. What we do see of Astird is nice, t
here is no real nervousness or hesitation between there relationship anymore, and they don't even need to act outright romantic for one to see how in love they are. Its hard to explain but one gets the sense they are "meant to be together" when watching them that wasn't really present before, a subtle way of showing how their relationship has matured.To put it simple terms, they're obviously in love without needing to be obvious about being in love.The fact is there's no one moment, outside of the explicit moments (the various kisses, particularly) that speak to their romantic inclination. It's the many small moments between the two that slowly reveals how much they love each other without ever making a big scene out of it. I for one was happy to see that. I'm not the kind of guy that's gonna be a all lovey dovey to my girlfriend ( if i get one) , saying i love you every day, snuggling whenever, I'll show her moments of romance when the time really calls for it, cause if your too romantic you're not in love with a person  you're in love with the concept of love . These two don't need to proclaim their love to everyone because as long as they themselves  can see it their happy.
 Drago is another complaint . Some say he wasn't used to his full potential , we only get a brief scene of explanation by Stoick and some insight on his history, but not enough to fully develop him as a character. I was fine with how they used Drago. Time and your audiences attention span is short, if you drabble on for to long they'll get bored.  We could've gone into Drago's back story more but that might've taken too long and felt unnecessary . By that logic the Red Death didn't get much characterization either. We needed to see why Drago was such so feared and how evil he was and in that respect i think the film succeeded. Some of the odder complaints are that he's kind of narmy (when a dramatic moment fails),sounds like cookie monster or animal, oh and get this , one girl said Drago bears similarities to Nazi propaganda posters, where do you get this from? I think some people just over analyze things. 

One reviewer on a feminist blog… said that Dragons like plenty of other films sidelined female characters while the male was the lead cause "even in fantasy films women being equal is still a thing of myth". Personally I've never noticed as to whether or not a character , like Astrid, gets treatment because of their gender I've always seen her as a equal character on par with Hiccup. See also wrote the she wished Big hero 6 should've starred a female robot, which is nuts because as a robot Baymax has no biological gender, he's only male because we associate his voice and appearance as male . She also said she didn't like how Honey Lemon was still "pink is feminine"

One reviewer said everyone in the film was making idiotic decisions, and Hiccup has rose tinted glasses that could've killed them all, but I don't think there where any rationally stupid decisions in the film. Hiccup believes that he can reason with Drago but he learns that not everyone can be reasoned with and he grows as a character ready to be a chief. The only flaw i can see with this film is that it doesn't have that special forbidden friendship like scene that made the first film so special. Flying with mother comes close but its not the same. What do you think of all the issues I've posted for you ?
HttydArt Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your work is amazing!!!
PepperJDarcy Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
how is your story coming?! :D I've missed your art!! :D
AvannaK Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Which story? :D I've got two in the works and they're both crawling along. RL over here has gotten crazy busy :nod:

I think I updated CtL while you were gone though.
PepperJDarcy Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I don't remember what RL stands for :ashamed:

But I DID have/think about CtL a WHOLE lot :D :D :D :nod: can't wait to get reaquainted with them all!! :D
AvannaK Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Real Life!

Ha! You were thinking about CtL while you were MIA? Well, this just makes me want to get back to finishing the chapter I have in the works ;)
PepperJDarcy Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
ah!! *facesmack* I should have remembered that!!

Yes!! I did think about it and I do! It's a fantastic, character driven story :D oh boy!! A chapter in the works. Oh boy! oh boy!! That's... amazing!! :eager: sooo excited now!! :giggle:
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